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West Covina garage door repair

At Excel Garage Doors, we are here to elevate your experience with garage door repairs. Based in Covina, CA, our skilled technicians are always ready to help you out. 

We are experts in working with different types of garage doors, from manual to automatic, and they are made of all the possible materials. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective and quick solution to fix your garage door or upgrade its look, then you are in the right place. Our services include:

Overhead Door


We get that every garage door issue differs from the previous one. So, before getting started, we offer a free door assessment. We’ll discuss the problems that must be fixed and give a price estimate. Only after our chat, we’ll start the repair process. 


We’ll immediately give you a heads-up if any unexpected issues are found during the repair. At Excel Garage Doors, we value transparency and collaboration with our clients.

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Garage Door Repair in Covina and Surrounding Areas

If you’re in Covina, CA, and your garage door needs help, don’t worry! Excel Garage Doors is here for you. With ten years of experience, we’re happy to be the top choice in San Gabriel Valley and nearby areas, including:

We know how vital your garage door is for keeping your family safe. It’s like a big shield for your home, whether you’re inside or out. If there’s a problem with it, don’t worry! We’re here to help. You can trust us to quickly fix any issues and make sure your family stays safe and secure.

garage door repair Covina

Why Hire Us for Garage Door Repair in Covina

If your garage door in Covina, CA isn’t working right, no worries! Excel Garage Doors is here to help! We’ve been serving folks in Covina and beyond for ten years, so you can trust us to take care of all your garage door problems. Our prices are fair, so you’ll get great service without spending too much. We’re really good at fixing garage doors – we’ve been doing it since 2011 and we’ve gotten really good at it. We only use the best materials, so your door will last a long time. And don’t worry, we’ll be on time and do a great job fixing up your garage door.

Yes, we understand that garage door issues can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency repair services to ensure your safety and convenience.

Installation times can vary depending on the type and size of the door, but our experienced technicians strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising quality, typically within a day.

Absolutely, our technicians are skilled in repairing various garage door opener brands and models, addressing issues such as motor malfunctions, sensor problems, and remote control issues.

Certainly! We offer helpful tips and guidance on maintaining your garage door, including lubrication of moving parts, regular inspection for wear and tear, and clearing debris from tracks.

At Excel Garage Doors, we prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering prompt, reliable, and high-quality services backed by years of experience and expertise in the industry. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail make us the preferred choice for garage door repair and installation in Covina.

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